Noisy neighbours beware – a team of specialists is targeting loud city residents making life misery for others.

Sleep deprivation and soaring stress levels are just two ways in which noisy neighbours can affect your health and erode your quality of life.

But no one in Glasgow need suffer in silence – the Noise Team at Glasgow Community & Safety Services is on a mission to restore peace in your community. And it doesn’t matter whether you own your home or live in rented accommodation – help is at hand. 

Loud music, blaring TVs, barking dogs, shouting, stamping and banging are just a few of the complaints tackled by the Noise Team. 

If the problem is persistent and you can’t resolve it by talking to the culprit, the team can visit your home and measure the noise levels.  Dressed in plain clothes and driving unmarked vehicles, they look like ordinary visitors to your home – so your neighbour won’t know you complained.

If the noise is deemed excessive, they’ll be given a warning notice and if the problem continues a £100 fixed penalty notice can be served. If the fine isn’t paid, the case will be referred to the Procurator Fiscal and the culprit could find themselves in court facing a maximum fine of £1000. Sound systems and other equipment involved in the noise pollution can also be seized. 

Anita and Christopher Harvey were at their wit’s end when they called the Noise Team. Thumping music and parties from the flat below at all hours of the day and night were making life miserable. 

Anita, 26, said: “It was very stressful. You never knew when the noise was going to start – it could be midweek and at weekends, during the day or right through the night. When we asked them to turn the music down they turned aggressive and shouted and swore abuse at us. 

“We were hardly getting any sleep and we were both uptight and irritable. It was so bad I was worrying about it all the time and began to find it difficult to concentrate at work. It was really bad.”

The couple lived in a private rented flat in Battlefield, Glasgow, and informed their landlord who complained to the building’s factor. They also phoned the police on numerous occasions but felt guilty about taking up their time. 

However, the tide turned when a friend told them about Glasgow Community & Safety Services’ Noise Team. 

Anita said: “They were really friendly and helpful when I phoned. They came out to the house about four or five times to monitor the noise. They issued the people downstairs with a warning and began building a case against them.” 

While the couple’s case was being investigated, Christopher and Anita got married and bought a new house in another area. 

However, Anita said: “Bringing in the noise team made a real difference. I think the folk making the noise finally realised we weren’t just going to put up with it. Just knowing someone was doing something made me feel much better and I’d definitely recommend the service to anyone else who is having a problem.” 

If you are suffering with a noisy neighbour phone 0141 287 6688 for help.