When 27 diseased trees had to be felled in Elder Park, GCSS stepped in to give them a new life. At our Community Payback Training Centre, the base for our Community Reparation and Community Payback Services, we have a saw mill.

This was used to process the trees into planks for air and kiln drying. Selected ash timbers, cut and dried, were then moved on to our workshops in Ruchill and Templeton for machining and sorting into the various components required by the table design.

The design had been developed by Drew Houston and Frank Soutar, inspired by the timber itself. More than twenty of our Community Payback clients worked with Drew to cut, shape and assemble the components in the Templeton Workshop.

The 6 metre by 2 metre table top was hand polished before the whole 0.4 tonne table was transported to Eastgate and assembled in the Boardroom.

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