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Glasgow Community and Safety Services has re-branded

Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS), formed in 2006 to tackle antisocial behaviour, promote community safety and prevent crime has re-focused its operation with a new name and logo.

It has been re-branded as Community Safety Glasgow.

The new name aligns with the re-branding and reform of the police service. It also reinforces the company’s ongoing commitment to reduce antisocial behaviour and crime, and will better reflect a stronger organisation, which is more relevant to the needs of the Glasgow communities it serves.

Baillie Fariha Thomas, Chair of Community Safety Glasgow, said: “Our new brand came about as a result of extensive discussion and consultation amongst our Board of Directors. It forms a part of our wider strategy to make sure we meet the needs of the city’s many communities by continuing to focus on the quality of our services and ensuring we enable our staff to perform their duties to the highest possible standards.”

“We have achieved a great deal for Glasgow’s communities since the company’s inception in 2006. This includes a significant 26% reduction in the total cumber of reported antisocial behaviour incidents in Glasgow in 2012 compared with 2002, and a year on year decrease in reported antisocial behaviour incidents from 2007 onwards.

“We are looking forward to operating under our new brand, and will continue in our commitment to keep Glasgow’s communities safe.”