More than 40 Glasgow housing associations have signed up to the city’s campaign to collar dirty dog owners who allow their pets to soil our streets and parks.

Forty-three associations and co-operatives with thousands of tenants have pledged support for the Clean Glasgow Dog Fouling Charter. They are helping Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS) identify irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

New Gorbals Housing Association is among the latest to join the campaign which has attracted overwhelming public support. The association has 2600 tenancies and is based in the heart of the award-winning Gorbals regeneration area at 187 Crown Street. 

Eddie Bradley, Chair of New Gorbals HA, said: “We are delighted to be working with the Clean Glasgow campaign to combat the blight of dog fouling. It is a major issue in this area where we have many beautifully landscaped areas which thoughtless people are allowing their pets to soil. It is disgusting antisocial behaviour and something we will not tolerate.

“The ethos of New Gorbals Housing Association is about improving communities and enhancing quality of life. This concerted drive to tackle the issue and fine the culprits is very welcome. It is a campaign which we wholeheartedly support.”

Leader of Glasgow City Council, Gordon Matheson, praised landlords who have been quick to adopt the Charter and help identify culprits.

He said: “Support for this campaign has proved truly overwhelming – both from members of the public, housing associations and co-operatives. Registered social landlords share our commitment to improving the environment and ensuring antisocial behaviour of any kind does not go unchallenged.

“The silent majority who are disgusted by people who fail to clean up after their dogs have been empowered to speak out and help us catch the culprits who are shirking their responsibilities.

“The message is simple – if you’re too lazy or proud to scoop poop, don’t get a dog.”

Since the campaign started on August 1:_ 

• Seventeen stray dogs have been lifted by the city’s Dog Warden Service. 

Call Freephone 0800 027 7027 to report dog owners who leave their pet’s pooh in Glasgow’s parks, streets and green spaces.