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 An Intelligence-led approach that really works

The Information & Intelligence Unit (IIU), headed by a Chief Inspector seconded by Police Scotland, is a unique partnership venture, comprising staff from both Police Scotland and CSG, co-located within our headquarters, with all team members having full unrestricted access to police and council IT systems and information.

The IIU was primarily created to deliver an intelligence-led partnership response to antisocial behaviour (ASB) in Glasgow and to do this the team sets out to provide intelligence and risk information, to support the organisation to:




The IIU has been operational since June 2009 and has demonstrated a positive impact in terms of its creative, intelligence-led responses to the operational needs and local priorities of partner agencies and the communities of Glasgow.

Since inception the unit has submitted over 5000 intelligence logs to the Scottish Intelligence Database. This is a significant contribution which often leads to enforcement action by Police Scotland.

This intelligence is gathered from all aspects of CSG work, for example uniformed services, ASSIST and Sexual Exploitation Services. It includes intelligence on ASB, vandalism, gangs, weapon carriers, prostitution and domestic abuse. They have developed a total of 551 enforcement target packages, which have resulted in 287 people being reported for a total of 634 offences as of November 2011. Intelligence submitted involving criminality has resulted in numerous police arrests for drug dealing, possession of firearms, violence and drug importation.