A zero tolerance campaign which saw an irresponsible dog owner evicted has won a prestigious innovation award. 

Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) has recognised a pro-active initiative which tackles dirty dog owners as part of the city’s Clean Glasgow campaign. 

Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS), which runs the service on behalf of Glasgow City Council, and partners Elderpark Housing Association were presented with the award at a prize-giving ceremony in Edinburgh. 

The anti dog fouling campaign has attracted huge public support with disgusted Glasgow residents phoning the Clean Glasgow hotline to report dog owners who allow their pets to foul public places. 

Since the Glasgow-wide crackdown began in August 2011, 1075 people have been issued with Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs). In the first two months of 2013 alone, 250 people have been caught failing to clean up after their pets and issued with £40 penalties. 

Elderpark HA has long been tough on dog fouling and has been exceptionally proactive as part of the Clean Glasgow campaign. The association is the first in the city to evict a tenant who made a communal backcourt area a No Go zone for neighbours by refusing to clean up after his pet. 

The 29-year-old man was evicted from a tenement flat in Elderpark Street, Govan, in early 2012 after the housing association spent two years trying to get him to clean up his act. 

The man, who lived alone, had no permission to keep a dog as required by his tenancy agreement and he let it roam unattended in the back court area – refusing to pick up its faeces. 

Appalled neighbours were unable to use the drying green area as it was so unhygienic. The man was issued with several FPNs by GCSS enforcement officers but refused to pay them and he also refused to re-home the mixed breed dog. 

As the tenant refused to co-operate, the association took court action and used antisocial behaviour legislation to obtain an eviction order. CCTV footage and neighbours’ statements were used as evidence in the case. 

Heather Suttie, KSB ambassador, presented GCSS and Elderpark HA with the KSB award for Best Local Environmental Quality Innovation at a recent awards ceremony.

KSB’s People and Places awards celebrate work to improve environmental cleanliness and quality on publicly accessible land in Scotland.

Councillor Gordon Matheson, Chair of the Clean Glasgow Campaign and leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “It’s fantastic that GCSS and Elderpark Housing Association have won this award. The Clean Glasgow anti dog fouling campaign aims to change people’s behaviour and make them clean up after their dogs.

“The majority of dog owners are respectful of other people and pick up after their pets. However, those that don’t must face the consequences which in extreme cases can include eviction.”

Jim Fraser of Elderpark Housing Association said: “Eviction is always a last resort but we can not allow a tenant’s irresponsible behaviour to affect other residents.

“We treat dog fouling as serious antisocial behaviour which will not be tolerated. It impacts on the standard of living of other residents and can pose a health risk to children in particular.

“Ultimately tenants have their future in their own hands. If they have permission to keep a dog and look after it properly there is no issue, but we will always take action against antisocial behaviour.”

Colin Bayes, KSB board member and trustee, said: “Glasgow City Council wholeheartedly deserves this recognition for the outstanding Clean Glasgow campaign, which has made a real difference to the local environment by making the most successful links with local communities.

“Our People and Places awards recognise the very best in working practices in improving the local environment across Scotland. In so many ways, those nominated have brought innovation and commitment to the task of making Scotland a cleaner place.

“I commend Glasgow Community & Safety Services on their success and am determined that their creative flair and determination to succeed will result in even higher standards across our country.”

Members of the public are urged to report irresponsible dog owners by calling the Clean Glasgow hotline on 0800 027 7027.