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Hot Spot Intervention Teams

The targeted service deploys in areas where there are high levels of youth antisocial behaviour activity. Young people are engaged with through the medium of sport to identify and address their proplematic behaviours and divert towards some positive life choices.

In the past the service ran a football league event, “Stuff Leagues” which was linked to the Scottish Government’s “No Knives, Better Lives” campaign.

No Knives, Better Lives

No Knives, Better Lives in Glasgow is a collaboration between the Scottish Government, Community Safety Glasgow (CSG), Police Scotland and a host of local partners. It was launched on 22nd July 2010.

In Glasgow, the No Knives, Better Lives campaign has been running across the city in hotspot areas in each of Glasgow’s five localities – North, East, West, South East and South West. These target areas were identified as by CSG following  an analysis of information from a range of sources including CSG, Police Scotland, the community and other key partners.

The CSG Mobile Resource team has to date played an integral part in the dissemination of the No Knives, Better Lives message to over 5,570 young people since its launch in Glasgow in July 2010. 

No Knives, Better Lives is a multi-pronged campaign that aims to educate young people about the dangers of carrying a knife and the devastating personal consequences it can have on their future, as well as on their family and friends. A range of innovative tactics such as hard-hitting talks in schools, targeted advertising in areas where young people are known to congregate, diversionary activities and youth work interventions, have worked together with tough enforcement on the streets to tackle the issue of knife carrying and knife crime in targeted areas across Glasgow.  

Download the Glasgow Case Study (1.2MB)
For more information on No Knives, Better Lives
View the No Knives, Better Lives viral video

Case studies

Glasgow Street Football Cup
The service is presently linked in with partners Glasgow Life and Glasgow Housing Association to deliver a new street football league initiative that will culminate in a City wide final event in George Square in June.

Each organisation will nominate and work with ten teams of young people from hotspot areas of Glasgow. In addition to taking part in the competition itself, the young people will have the option to undertake training and coaching opportunities.

Our target group is young people aged between 12 and 18 who are either involved in or are on the cusp of involvement in antisocial behaviour.



Cashback for Communities
The service works alongside the diversionary aspect of “Cashback for Communities”.

This enables young people in hotspot areas to access sports not normally accessible such as hockey, tennis and badminton.

As a result a badminton Club has been established in the Arc in Milton and 10 young people have gone on to play a city-wide badminton tournament. These young people will soon be representing Glasgow at a national badminton tournament.