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City Centre Radio Links

The City Centre, unlike the other communities that make up Glasgow, has very distinctive day-time and night-time economies, which bring with them a unique set of issues and a largely transient population. With this in mind, CSG has developed and introduced the ‘Radiolink’ initiative in an effort to address safety issues, reduce crime and prevent disorder in the City Centre area.

The day-time ‘Radiolink’ network has been taken up by over 100 retail and food outlets in the City Centre. The initiative allows shops to pass on messages to each other regarding shoplifters or other offenders who have attempted to enter their premises, and as a consequence deter them from gaining entry elsewhere. The network incorporates a security device which has a direct link to both Strathclyde Police and CCTV at both Nye Bevan House and Blochairn.

Approaching 100 pubs and clubs link to the night-time ‘Radiolink’ network. It is primarily used to deter individuals who have caused trouble in premises from entering any further venues, although it can be utilised for incidents taking place in the street. The night radio has an emergency button which can be used to request police assistance and a CCTV request button which allows the CCTV control room to focus the nearest camera to the premises who requested this.