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Saltmarket Clean-Up Wins Chief Constable's Award

A scheme tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in Glasgow's Saltmarket has won two awards from Strathclyde Police's Chief Constable.

Stephen House has paid tribute to work carried out to improve the lives of residents in the city's Saltmarket and Clydeside. It follows a crackdown on antisocial behaviour including drunks and drug users frequenting the areas.

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Campaign launched to reduce sale of alcohol to under 18s

Agents who purchase alcohol on behalf of under 18s are being targeted in a year-long crackdown on underage drinking which started Tuesday 8 December 2008.

Thirty off-sales in the north of Glasgow are participating in the campaign, led by Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS), which aims to reduce the sale of alcohol to under-18s and decrease related incidents of antisocial behaviour.

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European cities follow Glasgow's lead in tackling youth disorder

Delegates from eleven cities across Europe are coming to Glasgow this week to hear first-hand how the city is leading the way in tackling gang-related antisocial behaviour and helping young people achieve their potential.

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City Centre Ambassadors take to the streets

Community Enforcement Officers, best known for keeping Glasgow clean and safe, are expanding their role to become city centre ambassadors, having all received customer service training and tuition on Glasgow's popular visitor attractions and shopping hotspots.

Easily identifiable by their new uniforms incorporating a gold information 'i' logo, the officers, employed by Glasgow Community and Safety Services, can assist tourists and citizens alike explaining what Glasgow has to offer, make recommendations and help people find their way around the city.  

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Graffiti hotspot turned into work of art

A graffiti hotspot in Kelvinbridge has been turned into a work of art thanks to the skills of street artist Sam Bates and local schoolchildren.

The mural, which runs 90 metres long and displays images representing transport through the ages, is the result of a community arts project which has received funding from Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Police and the Clean Glasgow initiative.

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Awards ceremony raises the bar on safer drinking

More pubs and clubs across Glasgow than ever before are committed to creating a safer environment for residents and visitors to the city.

And today the most dedicated have been recognised for their efforts at a glittering awards ceremony in the City Chambers.

The Best Bar None awards scheme, now in its fifth year, awards drinking establishments in the city centre and west end for their commitment to preventing alcohol-related crime and promoting responsible drinking.

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Calls for an end to prostitution now

Led by Councillor James Coleman, Depute Leader of Glasgow City Council, the ‘End Prostitution Now’ campaign is pushing for amendments to proposed and existing legislation which will create a range of offences designed to target the purchase of sex. 

These offences would affect those who buy or seek to buy sex, those who arrange or advertise the sale of sex and those who provide accommodation where the sale of sex takes place.


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No Knives, Better Lives launches in Glasgow

A major new campaign to teach young people about the dangers of knife crime has been launched in Glasgow.

Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS) is working in partnership with the Scottish Government to deliver the No Knives, Better Lives campaign across the city.


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Thousands Demand Tougher Laws on Prostitution

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding tougher laws on prostitution.

Almost 6000 people have given their backing to the End Prostitution Now Campaign run by Glasgow Community & Safety Services and a Member's Bill tabled by Labour MSP Trish Godman.

Both are calling for changes in the law to close a legal loophole which means it is currently not a crime to buy or attempt to sex indoors ie: in flats and other premises.

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Teens Fly the Flag for Glasgow

Five Glasgow teenagers are jetting off to Belgium tomorrow (March 31) to take part in an international soccer challenge.

The young people from across the city will compete against teams from around the world during SHOOT International. They earned the all expenses paid trip while taking part in diversionary five-a-side football organised by Glasgow and Community Safety Services (GCSS).

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The Silencers - Pulling the Plug on Noisy Neighbours

Noisy neighbours beware - a team of specialists is targeting loud city residents making life misery for others.

Sleep deprivation and soaring stress levels are just two ways in which noisy neighbours can affect your health and erode your quality of life.

But no one in Glasgow need suffer in silence - the Noise Team at Glasgow Community & Safety Services is on a mission to restore peace in your community. And it doesn't matter whether you own your home or live in rented accommodation - help is at hand.

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Big Screen Debut for Glasgow CCTV Footage

Movie director Ken Loach is shooting scenes for his new movie on a Glasgow CCTV camera.

The Angels' Share, Loach's latest production, is currently being shot at various locations in the city and across Scotland. The storyline centres on the antics of a group of young people given one last chance to stay out of trouble and out of jail.

Scenes show the characters captured on CCTV camera and for authenticity, Loach decided he needed the real thing, so he hired a mobile CCTV van from Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS).

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Licensees Bid to Become Toast of City

Glasgow's publicans and licensees are invited to bid to become the toast of the city.

Entries are being sought for this year's Best Bar None awards which recognise licensees who take measures to make the city's social scene safer.

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Glasgow Clean-up Repays Kindness to Quake Victims (1)

Japanese students have helped clean-up Glasgow to thank the city for coming to the aid of earthquake victims.

Around 20 students braved the wind and rain to collect litter in the West End to thank generous city residents who donated to their Glasgow For Japan appeal.

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Free Driving Simulator Sessions Help Learners Save Cash

Free use of a driving simulator is helping Glasgow learners save cash by tackling the basics in the virtual world.

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Hunt for Vandals Who Defaced Graves with Nazi Graffiti

Graffiti officers are hunting vandals who sprayed Nazi slogans on graves and smashed monuments in Glasgow's Necropolis.

Specialists from Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS) and Strathclyde Police are on the trail of vandals who defaced gravestones and monuments with racist slogans and Nazi emblems.

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Scotland’s Hardest-hitting Dog Fouling Campaign

Officers from Glasgow Community and Safety Services and Glasgow City Council are employing new tactics to crack down on irresponsible owners who refuse to clean up after their pets.
As well as continuing to issue fixed penalty notices to those caught in the act, teams will, for the first time, use CCTV and witness statements to issue them.

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Free Badminton Proves a Smash Hit

Free badminton is proving a smash hit at centres around Glasgow.

Young people aged 11 to 18 are enjoying free evening sessions at venues across the city.

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Dog Fouling Fines Soar as Blitz Bites

The number of fines issued to dog owners allowing their pets to foul Glasgow's streets has soared by 25% in the first two weeks of a hard hitting enforcement campaign.

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Glaswegians Urged to Get Real about Alcohol and Drugs

Football, drama, dance and art are being used to urge people in Glasgow to Get Real about Alcohol and Drugs.

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Landlords Back Campaign to Shame Dirty Dog Owners

More than 40 Glasgow housing associations have signed up to the city's campaign to collar dirty dog owners who allow their pets to soil our streets and parks.

Forty-three associations and co-operatives with thousands of tenants have pledged support for the Clean Glasgow Dog Fouling Charter. They are helping Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS) identify irresponsible dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

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CCTV Makes Shawlands Safer

New CCTV cameras costing £50,000 will help make the streets of Shawlands safer.
Two new fixed CCTV cameras are being installed in the area to deter antisocial behaviour and help police prosecute anyone who causes trouble.

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Muttshots Collar Dirty Dog Owners

Canine I.D. photos will be used to help collar irresponsible dog owners who allow their animals to soil Glasgow's streets and open spaces.

As winter looms and dog walkers cover up with hats and scarves - mugshots of their pets will be used to help identify people who fail to clean up after their pets.

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City Venues Prove They’re Best Bar None

More than 80 Glasgow pubs became the toast of the city when they received accolades at Glasgow's Best Bar None Awards.

Clyde DJ Suzy McGuire hosted the ceremony at the Thistle Hotel to honour city venues which have adopted safety schemes such as fingerprint scanning to prevent underage drinkers entering bars, designated driver initiatives offering free soft drinks to those chauffeuring friends home and protection of vulnerable females using the Digital Radio Network.

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Hate Crime DVD Launched in Sign Language

Deaf people who have experienced hate crime are being urged to report it with the help of a new DVD in British Sign Language.

Glasgow Community and Safety Services (GCSS) and Strathclyde Police have teamed up with the British Deaf Association (Scotland) to produce a DVD for Deaf people.

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Community Payback Services - This week

This week our Community Payback Services will be carrying out projects in these areas.

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