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About Us

Neighbourhood Disputes and Mediation

Who we are

GCSS has a team of professionally trained mediators who offer neighbours the opportunity to resolve disputes at an early stage, avoiding them escalating into more volatile situations, or where people’s quality of life is being affected.

Mediators offer a free, confidential and impartial service to all citizens of Glasgow. Our service can be used in any situation where there is conflict, and both parties are assisted to talk things through and find common ground.

How we can help

Mediation is a voluntary process which can used whether a disagreement is a few days old or thirty years running. If you are having difficulties and you need a neutral, balanced third party, then you can contact us to discuss your point of view and we will help you look at ways in which things might move forward. We know that every situation is unique and we tailor the process to suit the parties involved.

To find out more about our service please contact us, or to download our leaflet please click here.

Are you being bothered by noisy neighbours? For more information on how to get help please contact our Noise Team