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Glasgow Community and Safety Services – News

Graffiti hotspot turned into work of art

A graffiti hotspot in Kelvinbridge has been turned into a work of art thanks to the skills of street artist Sam Bates and local schoolchildren.

The mural, which runs 90 metres long and displays images representing transport through the ages, is the result of a community arts project which has received funding from Glasgow City Council, Strathclyde Police and the Clean Glasgow initiative.

As part of the project, pupils from nearby Willowbank Primary School, Hillhead Primary School and Hillhead High School took part in a series of workshops at the Museum of Transport with the artist himself. The children learned all about the impact graffiti has in our city and offered their own ideas and designs for the mural.

At a launch ceremony today (Thursday, October1), the pupils came together with local councillors and the partners involved in the project to unveil their work.

Councillor Jim Coleman, Chair of Glasgow Community and Safety Services, said:

“Glasgow is a beautiful city and deserves to look its best.

“Each year we spend thousands of pounds cleaning graffiti from our streets and this mural not only brightens up the area, but also acts as a deterrent to future acts of antisocial behaviour.

“We know that crimes such as graffiti and vandalism can have a massive impact on our communities and, by taking a proactive approach to the problem, we can create a cleaner, safer Glasgow.”

Bailie Liz Cameron, Chair of Culture and Sport Glasgow, said:

“The mural is quite simply stunning and I’m delighted Glasgow Museum staff could help create it.

“It forms a wonderful record of the transport seen in Glasgow over the years, many of which will be included in the Riverside Museum which is also included in the mural.

“It is the result of many organisations working together on a project which people will be able to enjoy for years to come.”

Communities Inspector Jim Haddow of Glasgow West End Police Office said:

“The mural is a visual enhancement to the area and will no doubt act as a visible deterrent to any potential graffiti.

“Glasgow Central and West Division is supportive of any initiative which can contribute to combating anti-social behaviour in any shape or form and we are delighted to have been able to assist in this project together with our partner agencies”.

Speaking at the event, Councillor George Roberts, of the Hillhead Ward, said:

“It’s important that we get the local communities involved in improving their area and I’m delighted with the end result.

“I would like to thank all of the children involved for their hard work and for helping to turn a graffiti hot spot into a work of art.”

If you find graffiti in your area then contact our access centre on 0800 027 7027.