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Glasgow Community and Safety Services – Your Area


Glasgow Community and Safety Services is committed to tackling antisocial behaviour across the city. Our dedicated team of staff work closely with communities and partner agencies in your area to ensure local solutions to local issues.

Here are just a few of the initiatives going on in your area:

Bluevale Tenants Hall, Gallowgate

We are currently proposing a static youth and community centre based within the Gallowgate area. The purpose of this hub would be to engage with hard to reach young people within the Gallowgate/ Reidvale area and reduce the levels of crime and antisocial behaviour.

It would also provide a static learning centre which focuses on structured programmes that are designed to break down barriers between groups and individuals, especially within the BME community, and engaging with the wider community as a whole. The hub would provide skills that develop and promote healthy and active lifestyles, and promote employability to young people.

Action Plans – Parkhead, Dalmarnock and Calton, Gallowgate

We direct specific services into action plan areas to compliment those of our partners. We are working closely with a range of agencies, and the community, to address issues such as disorder, vandalism and territorialism in these areas. Services deployed include Community Safety Patrol Officers and Community Enforcement Officers, Graffiti and Environmental Enhancement Teams, Youth Engagement Staff, CCTV equipment and operators.

STUFF for Young People

We provide a range of opportunities for children and young adults, which generally take place at identified peak times for antisocial behaviour such as evenings and weekends. Our mobile youth resources include, among others, the state-of-the-art multimedia STUFF bus and street sports such as Footie STUFF and Basketball STUFF, which bring sports into your community. These resources provide an opportunity for young people to get involved in constructive activities. To find out more about what is going on in your area go to our STUFF page.