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Tackling Street Prostitution

Street Prostitution in Glasgow remains a significant issue for the City. Despite a perceived move 'off street', the number of women involved in on-street prostitution in the past year is around 300. Community Safety Glasgow takes the view that prostitution is inherently harmful to those involved and therefore should not be tolerated.


Prostitution occurs across Glasgow on a 24/7 basis and as a result it is difficult to gain a full picture of exactly who is involved. Street prostitution tends to involve women in their mid 20's who have experienced childhood physical or sexual abuse or domestic abuse. Most women involved are drug and alcohol dependent and feel they have no other choice other than being involved in prostitution to fund this habit. A high percentage of women involved are subject to serious violent or sexual attacks.  Unfortunately a number of women involved in Glasgow also are responsible for other forms of criminality likely to be linked to the need for funds to pay for a drug addiction.


The CSG Street Prostitution service Routes Out offers a proactive and integrated multi agency approach to reduce the prevalence of street prostitution in Glasgow. The service works in close partnership with Police Scotland to support tackling the demand for prostitution and increasing the safety of women involved in prostitution.In partnership with Police Scotland, Glasgow Addiction Services and Glasgow City Council, Routes Out provides the following:


Drop In - An evening drop in service operates 4 nights per week in the City Centre for women involved in prostitution.  They are provided with the opportunity to meet with staff to discuss alternatives to being involved that night and are offered appropriate support around harm reduction and crisis intervention. 


Outreach - Staff are deployed within the City Centre and around Glasgow Green up to 7 nights per week to identify, map and engage with women involved in street prostitution. The teams are deployed on the basis of knowledge of individuals or areas of particular concern.


Case Management - All women identified by the service are taken on as a 'case' and offered proactive support to help them exit prostitution. Appropriate crisis support is offered to women including visits to police cells following arrest and support in accessing services such as addiction and accommodation. The service facilitates a multi agency case management meeting where all key partners meet monthly to discuss the most vulnerable women and those at highest risk of harm or reoffending.